Join the private community & learning platform for technology professionals looking to (R)Evolutionize their brand & business.

VOSA is a highly vetted membership community for MSP and Vendor technology professionals where you'll be surround by doers that move you forward.



Disruptive cold calls and spammy drip emails are no longer acceptable.

Egocentric and overused, cookie-cutter marketing gets ignored.

Product is now a commodity, trust and attention is the asset.

How we create, capture, and convert demand has changed.



The future of business will be built on experiences, connections, emotions, relationships, memories, touches, trust, influence, and value that can only be created through authentic human engagement.

People are now the brand. Not Marketing. Not the logo.

Leaders and innovators that understand and  embrace this evolution will thrive in, if not completely dominate, the future of business.



This is about engaging in conversations in the moments that matter.

This is about creating content at scale that adds value without pitching.

This is about building partnerships in the ecosystem of the future.

This is understanding that every person is a content creator,

and every company is a media company

This is about mattering more, not marketing more.



The pain and frustration of ineffective marketing is over.

We’ve been waiting far too long for a better way,

a better world of modern engagement.

So we created one.





We deliver modern, battle-tested content & engagement strategies that help you turn people into followers, followers into an audience, and an audience into customers.

Content and engagement inspired by us and created by you, the way it should be.

We are not a production studio.

We are not an agency.

We are what’s next.



Community is much more than belonging to something, it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.

Vosa is the only learning platform + community where you will continuously learn innovative content and engagement strategies and practical techniques you can put into practice right away and that have a direct impact on your branding, go-to-market, sales, marketing, partnership, and ecosystem motions.

A setting where you will network with colleagues, develop partnerships, discover your next collaboration or guest, and work together to learn collaboratively while receiving instruction from industry leaders.



We are a community of doers infused with entrepreneurial DNA, wild newcomer curiosity, feet-on-the-street experience, and a sense of knowing – knowing the ultimate power of technology is the ability to teach, guide, and help.

We are customer, partnership, and ecosystem centric.

We respect the internet’s impact on culture, business, and human behavior.

We value real consumer signals and operate in the now with the humility and curiosity to find what’s right.

We meet customers and prospects where they are and deliver real value that drives results.

We create content consumer-up, not ego-down, in the moments that matter.

Our why is anchored in these beliefs.

Why do we think we can help you grow differently?

Because we’re built differently.



Vosa members are doers invested in participating and growing their business in this new world of modern business. Members are MSP & ISV owners, executive leaders, sales executives, sales engineers, marketing pros, developers, and more.

Each applicant is interviewed and highly vetted to ensure you are in a community worth belonging to. To keep Vosa intimate we’re limiting the community to only 250 new core members.

Ok, enough talking. Let’s get to it. Apply below.


Daily insights
Grow every day.

You stay informed and are motivated to interact with your customers in a way that unlocks substantial growth thanks to our team’s and the Vosa Creators Union members’ quick, snackable lessons.

In order to create value around it, lead the conversation, and develop a following that trusts you and is eager to spread the word about you to their network, we constantly investigate what topics are popular in the tech and business environment that your consumers will care about.

Learn in minutes, not hours.

We’ve developed ongoing learning pathways we call Journeys around branding, storytelling, content creation, engagement, building your audience, creating community, analytics, sales, marketing, partnerships, and ecosystems, that evolve at the pace of tomorrow because trends, tactics, and customer attention change quickly.

If a category is unfamiliar to you, we offer Sprints that help you quickly gain a solid understanding of everything so you can jump in with confidence.

These Sprints and Journeys are updated weekly, if not daily, and made to be completed in just a few minutes rather than hours or days, giving you more time to concentrate on doing.

creators union
Thrive with a little help from your contemporaries.

The Creators Union, our thriving community, lies at the heart of Vosa.

A group of like-minded technology professionals that share your goals, and learning is done collaboratively with guidance from those who have already succeeded.

The Creators Union is a place to get support, get advice, learn from others, celebrate successes, find your next collaborator or guests, forge new partnerships, or land your dream job.

Join AMAs, special Afterdark sessions where conversation gets juicy, virtual meetups, and impromptu work sessions where you can work right alongside your peers.

tools & resources
The tools you need at your fingertips.

Like anything else in business, developing or building your strategy requires methodologies.

You can create customer profiles, (re)brand models, partner strategies, ecosystem strategies, sales growth strategies, and more with the aid of our tried-and-true methods, frameworks, and tools.

You can get answers to your questions during weekly office hours swiftly and without any hassle.

Numerous successful brands have been built on our exclusive content model. It guides you through every step of putting programs into place that get you noticed and establish you as a leader that clients want to work with. It stands alone as a Master Class.

The Lab
The pulse of the what's next.

We are obsessed with how people and brands develop, interact, and expand.

To comprehend the effects of disruption on companies, markets, and society, we examine Digital Darwinism, CX, digital innovation and transformation, cognitive enterprise, and the future of industries, trends, and human behavior.

Our attention is on new trends like generative AI, GPT, social platforms, changing human behavior, content strategy, partnerships, the evolution of ecosystems, and whatever wacky concept comes along next that might be worth exploring.

We keep an eye on what’s coming up and share that information with you so you can act fast.

the future
Tomorrow and beyond.

We’ve got a ton of brand-new features in the works, like VosaConnect, a contemporary ecosystem for vendors and partners to co-create, co-market, and co-go-to-market; cloud-based collaboration tools to make sure your team is in sync with the company’s content and branding motion; automation tools; analytics dashboards; a motion graphics library; and learning pathways to provide you with the guidance and lessons you need to succeed today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Ready to create something amazing, together?


We started Vosa with the idea that the way we engage technology buyers and earn their business needed to be rethought.

For too long we’ve relied on increasingly ineffective cookie-cutter marketing templates, disruptive cold calls, and spammy email drip campaigns. 

Customers and prospects are done being sold to, and the logo is no longer enough. They are now surrounded by near limitless options and they want to do business with those that take a real interest in their success beyond the technology. They want to known we’re in this with them and that they can trust us. To succeed in this new ecosystem of value and trust we must transform how we earn the attention and business of our customers.

In talking with hundreds of technology professionals, standing out in this growing sea of options was their top priority, but they sought guidance and help on how to modernize their strategy and be top-of-mind with their audience.

With decades of experience building these programs for top technology companies and personal brands, and knowing a robust community makes this journey better, we created Vosa to solve this problem.

Agencies tell you what they’ll create for you and how much it’s going to cost. Our mission to to empower you to create and connect with your audience, not have us to it for you.

Current offerings offer a lot of templates you can use for your marketing, which makes you look… like everyone else. 

We think this approach no longer works. People want to connect with you and know you put in the time and effort to be real, not that you downloaded a template to quickly get in front of them and sell them on why they should choose you. 

We’ve also participated in countless communities where people… don’t participate. We think everyone in the community should be highly engaged and willing to put in the work to elevate their brand. Vosa solves both of these problems. 

We do not. When telling your story you should never let anyone else hold the pen.

Well-planned learning tracks like Sprints and Journeys, models, frameworks, and resources coupled with a community of fellow technology professionals at all stages of their journey will turn you into the creator you never knew you could be. Avocado toast, pour over coffee, and skinny jeans optional.

If you get stuck or need a boost we have an entire community of web designers, creatives, video editors, and designers willing to jump in.

Both, and more.

Vosa is a curated collision outside the boundaries of the increasingly ineffective conventional marketing, demand gen, and sales tactics we’ve relied upon for so long. A rogue encampment of future-forward  business professionals, sales executives, marketing pros, technologists, engineers, content creators, and engagement artists at the edge of tomorrow looking to leverage the future of consumerism.

What you’ll find inside Vosa are learning tracks, models, frameworks, and resources coupled with a community of fellow creators at all stages of their journey eager to help and support each other.

Sales professionals, marketers, engineers, business development pros, VPs, CxOs and more from “Ive never even opened LinkedIn” to “I have a flourishing Youtube channel” all call the Vosa Creators Union home.

Some are individual contributors and are here to build their personal brand to make their job easier, land their next amazing job, or both. 

Some are founders and senior executives of MSPs, ISVs, SIs, and hardware companies looking to take their business or specific teams to the next level.

They come from everywhere and all have one thing in common: they know what got us here won’t get us there and they’re eager to grow their brand to the next level.

As we move into this next evolution of business the people behind the logo are the brand. Vosa helps build your business brand by developing your personal brand. 

You have no doubt seen everyone touting 2023 as The Year of the Creator Economy, or at least seen the increase in your industry peers creating content on social platforms, and for good reason. As humans we connect with and buy from other humans, not logos. We now ignore brand marketing up front and only explore it after trust with a human has been established. The brands that deliver real value from people without pitch slapping us will win.

Vosa is more than just creating videos, podcasts, and blog posts. We take a holistic approach to the entire ecosystem through the lens of modern, authentic, human engagement.

Inside Vosa you will find learning tracks, tools, resources, and community conversations around customer persona, branding, go-to-market, go-to-ecosystem, partnerships, marketing, sales and more through the lens of modern human behavior and how they engage with trusted brands and people. You will find others to collaborate with, build partnerships with, and grow with.

We are a highly curated community where you have to apply to get in, you cannot just swipe a credit card and start participating. This ensures we have the right people participating for the right reasons.

While Vosa has many different all-inclusive forums so everyone can learn, we are also experimenting with smaller peer groups that include other technology professionals not directly in your market. 

You don’t have to be. While there is little question that video is leading right now, Vosa is focused on all forms of content —video, audio, and written— and you don’t have to start a youtube channel, a podcast, or a blog. This is about engagement, and that includes how to grow your audience just by being part of the conversation as much as it does creating organic content.

Absolutely! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’ve never tapped record, written a blog post, spoken into a microphone, or engaged with any content on a social platform, everyone from all levels of experience are welcome here.

We ask that you apply only to make sure you are excited and eager to grow to the next level and to ensure everyone is here for the right reasons. You wouldn’t want to join a community where others don’t contribute and move you forward, so we vet every member to make sure that doesn’t happen. It also helps us eliminate brands looking to use it as a sales platform and pitch to the community.

If you’re witnessing others evolve their brand through content and engagement and fear you’re missing this fresh opportunity but don’t know where to start; if you’re serious about change and development for yourself and business; if you’ve seen that traditional methods continue to be less effective while those creating content across social platforms are gaining traction; if you want to build or rebuild a modern brand that gets noticed in this new ecosystem of trust and value, this is the place for you. Our members come from all areas of business and experience levels —CEOs, Executives, Solopreneurs, sales professionals, BDRs, SDRs, marketers, and engineers— across all sectors of technology including MSPs, ISVs, SIs, and Hardware.

If you join and find out it isn’t a fit for you let us know and we’ll refund your money. 

Still have questions? Click apply above and ask us, there is no money due today. 

Working directly with technology brands and professionals in advisory roles is what led us to build the Vosa platform and community.

Right now we are focused on building a platform and community that works for everyone, but we do have future plans to offer a more intimate engagement option for the companies that need it.

Made with ❤️ for the future in the Colorado Rockies